TalentNet Details

TalentNet is tomorrow!



First things first.

We start at 9:00 a.m.,  at 211 N. Ervay Street, Dallas Tx 75201.

No need to sign in. Just take the elevator to the 11th floor

You are driving downtown. Use Waze to plan it out {Dallas traffic} and realize parking and getting to the building could take up to 15 minutes longer. As a reward, you'll have coffee ready, provided by Ouicruit, a Dallas startup founded by Vahid Behzadi.

There's a great coffee shop in the lobby, organic and green and kombucha and all of that. The Starbucks across the street - well, it will take you 30 minutes to get through that line. Just come drink the coffee upstairs - it's Starbucks catering.   

Now about that parking. There is a list of parking lots that charge $10-$12 for the day at the bottom of the email. 

You don't want to park on the streets, because they tow starting at 4:00 p.m., and it's a 2 hour max. 

So find a parking lot. We're on the corner of Elm and Ervay, in the top middle of this map. 

Consider Googling this and plan your time accordingly.

Downtown parking

Consider taking the DART train. The orange and green lines go to Akard and St Paul Stations, both of which are just two blocks away.  Park and Ride from Plano (orange line) or North Carrolton (green line) takes a little time, but if you've done it, I highly recommend it. $5.00 for a day pass. 

Garages are around - but they run $20 a day or more... Be prepared. 

Lunch is provided and will be served at noon from Swole Foods. Even Jess Von Bank is impressed. You will be too.

The conference ends at 5:15 pm, and we all head over to Woolworths, which is a block away (another reason to take the train!)




Contact Info

Problems? email jim@sourcingworklab.com until tomorrow, or text him at 214-543-5455, and he or one of our helpers will call you immediately.

We'll see you there! 





- 1600 Commerce

- 1810 Jackson

- 1710 jackson

- 2000 Elm

- 350 North St Paul Street

You have to sell more, unless you want to work more

I said something shocking in the last worklab. 

Working on a job that was really kicking my ass, I just blurted out - "this is too hard, and you shouldn't be working on it."

Lacey, the community manager, didn't jump in to save me. 

I let the dead air sit for a second. It was okay - that's the purpose of the worklab. You have to run into dead-ends. You have to work to failure so that the students see that it happens to all of us. 

You have to fail. And then you have to keep going. 

But this one was just too hard. I think I could have cracked it given time, but it would take phone calls and referrals and more time.

There was no easy fix to find a SAP VMS IS-Auto candidate, and I wanted to make sure that the students knew that this is normal. 

So this is what I said:

"Maybe it's me. This job is taking too long, and I don't want to work on it. And that's okay. Now, you don't always have that option, but this is a job posted by 14 other agencies. If you did find someone to do this, you could place that person anywhere in a heartbeat. 

And that's a lesson you have to learn. There are some jobs you shouldn't work on. Your real challenge is getting good enough to know when to stop. 

Look - if you find this person, you get a placement. But how long would it take you? 

We're moving into a candidate market - and the number one problem we face is not selling enough in this market. Having a job is not enough. You need a good job, that you can fill, and options on how to sell them. 

That's not easy to talk about. It's nearly impossible if you work inside, but you burn out recruiters when you have them work on impossible to fill reqs. 

And - well - the problem is that you make your money when you find the harder to fill roles. Crap. I really need a graph for this, and I don't want you going back to your bosses and telling them you don't want to work on their jobs. 

But you need to learn what is possible. But that's a rant for another day. Let's move on..." 


St Louis MKSSA Presentation: September 25-26

Check http://mkssa.org/ for pricing and attendance details.
Jim Durbin returns to St Louis with all new recruiting techniques and a clear view of how technology like artificial intelligence changes the industry in the next year. 

On September 25th in Kansas City, and on September 26th in St Louis, Jim will deliver a dual session training. Session 1 is new techniques for LinkedIn, Facebook, and resume search. Session 2 is a reveal of the AI tools that will hit or are already on the market for recruiting. 
Powerful Recruiting with LinkedIn and Facebook:

The Social Media Headhunter presents a 90 minute super-session on the new LinkedIn UI, Facebook search, and his 360 sourcing method for job boards, databases, and social sites. .

In this presentation, you'll learn:

*       The fastest way to search using the new keyword search
*       Search strings to build company and title lists
*       Short Boolean - the key to 360 Sourcing
*       Facebook search
*       The best messages for contacting candidates by email, text, and InMail. 
*       Meetup, Behance, Github, and more
*       How to use Indeed and Glassdoor to find candidates without resumes

"Just to let you know, this was one of the best webinars I've ever attended."
- Michael B. 

"Jim Durbin is an awesome presenter!  Definitely learned a lot!  I was writing names down as fast as I could! LOL!"
- Susie L.

"In all my 12+ years of recruiting, I have never experienced a training so thorough on how to make candidates come to me!"
- Abraham B. 
Jim Durbin is the Founder of SourcingWorklab.com. As a marketer and recruiter, he's been placing people since 1999. In the last decade, he's been known as the Social Media Headhunter, where he's trained over 9,000 recruiters on digital tools. He runs a B2B marketing firm, develops startups in the AI and recruiting space, and takes as many full desk searches as he can get his hands on. He predicted the demise of LinkedIn in 3 years, quit Twitter in 2016, and writes regularly in industry publications and on his blog, DigitalMarketingHeadhunter.com

Hiring a social strategist in Dallas

I'm "this" close to launching a search for a social strategist. Just working out the details. It's the kind of social job you dream of - strategy, but working under a great boss with real marketing experience. 

What kind of social? Glad you asked. It's important that you ask, because you're supposed to know there are different kinds by now. 

It's a mix of customer service and branding. The client has customer service needs, and wants to see what social can and should be doing for them, but they also want to extend and expand their branding and lead generation. You're not selling online - but you are generating leads and working to explain how to best respond to your customer base. 

Here's some boilerplate I made up.

Your role is a new one, designed to increase the capabilities, performance, and tracking of social data that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and other popular channels. As a strategist, you’ll work with the marketing and customer service teams to engage with our members, enhance branding campaigns, and integrate with product and service teams. This position does not have direct reports.

Experience with regulated industries is a plus. They're innovative, but not the wild west - and you don't want to have to explain to the execs why someone on Facebook is yelling at you.



-Design a comprehensive social media strategy 

-Create and manage best practices for customer service and corporate communications.

-Work with design and content teams to create shareable content appropriate for specific networks

-Train and or manage content managers and owners on social best practices.

-Build performance and tracking systems using existing marketing technology and processes.

-Create and deliver reports on social milestones and experience.

-Serve as a champion internally for social integration.

-Listen and engage in relevant social discussions involving the brand and the industry.

-Plan and execute regular social promotions and campaigns along with performance metrics and results.

-Develop social media content strategies and editorial calendars.



You know the rest of the drill. Find me if you're interested. I mainly post these to prove I still exist, and so I have something to send you if you ask me what the job entails. 

You have to be in Dallas. You're not going to make six figures. This isn't a job posting to Facebook. And agency experience or corporate experience is important - it's not a job for freelancers or consultants. 


Register For The April 27th LinkedIn Webinar: Powerful Recruiting With The New UI



In the last 9 years, with the help of Kathy Simmons of Experts Connection, I've delivered paid webinar training to over 9,000 recruiters on the topics of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the digital searching. 

These top rated webinars come with a 90 minute session followed by live Q&A, a video download, the slide deck as a PDF, and if you register before April 20th, I'll send you me new LinkedIn UI search guide. 



Book the Webinar!

Cost for the webinar is $125. 

TIME: Thursday, April 27th 2 PM EST/ 11 AM PST.  
SOFTWARE:  Join.me

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The fastest way to search using the keyword search
  • Search strings to build company and title lists
  • 360 Sourcing - a method that works with the LinkedIn UI to surface hot candidates
  • 3 New Messages to generate interest and stand out to jobseekers
  • Important changes in settings, groups and connections (with a PDF checklist)
  • Live searches from your requests (send them in with registration to make sure yours is covered)

Come join me - and join the mailing list on the page to learn about what we're doing in Sourcing and Recruiting in 2017. 

About Those Pesky Machines...


In the dawn of the new century, we laughed at the idea that machines could think.

We played with them. We paid for them to get smarter.

Years of the relentless drumbeat of disruptive technology numbed us to the real danger. The machines weren’t taking over. We, were becoming the machines.

Blinded by the sheer power of gigantic lists, we begin to think and act like pale algorithmic copies of the software that we thought were making us into something better. Something we thought was making us, more than human.

As we grew more faster, more capable, and more stalky, our prospects rebelled. They put up what we can only call, a resistance, to our well crafted templates and phone messages and social entreaties. In our amazement at the power of our new human-machine intelligence gathering, we forgot the greatest app was simply, ourselves.

And so as we embrace the new machine-hybrid world, the resistance has struck deep into the core of our existence. They only speak when they wish to be spoken to! Having escaped our plans for data supremacy - we must finally and completely embrace our human side - we must become, once again - the flesh and blood heroes of old. 

I fear no machine! I fear when men cast off their humanity and function like machines. 

Or rather, I fear for their jobs, because people who act like machines are easily replaced by machines. 

Prediction Facebook Will Not Be A Social Network In 2022

HYPOTHESIS: In the next five years, Facebook will turn away from being a social network and consider itself solely to be the operating system of the internet.
Algorithms will drive the death of social networks, because what an algorithm can track is not of interest to human beings. Instead of being useful, algorithms track what we do - contributing to wasted time and personal dysfunction.

The value of social traffic is already declining. Advertising is addicted to traffic, but the value of paying traffic is high. The value of traffic that does not convert is close to zero for all but the largest of brands. Advertising is struggling to prove its worth, but as the move towards pixel conversion grows stronger, the emptiness of "social," "video" and "images" in short bursts will cause Facebook to pivot to run in the background instead of being a news source.
In simple explanation - trending news that points to twitter hashtags, shocking headlines, or stolen reddit posts has a net negative value on a brand. Declining click-through rates will eventually lead Facebook to abandon generic advertising through a news feed.
The future of social is limited social groups with strong privacy controls. Facebook, who has already squashed the other social networks (Twitter and Snapchat are dead, even if they don't know it), will recognize this and seek to be the internet login, running apps in the background that function like a personal enterprise software suite.