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10 Social Media Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

I had a popular post at brandstorming that listed the types of questions that social media consultants should be asking their clients before taking a new position.  So now it makes sense to put the client hat on and ask questions that should appear in an interview.

Interview Questions:

1) What is the purpose of social media?

2) What tools/sites are you most comfortable with?

3) Name two social media sites/softwares/tools that have no business value.

4) Tell me about a campaign you executed from start to finish. 

5) How do you measure success in social media?  How would you justify it a) internally, or b) to a client?

6) How does social media affect SEO and your online profile?

7) Define the value in targeted traffic versus the value of large numbers of traffic.  Give me examples of how to 1) generate both and 2) when to generate each kind of traffic.

8) What is your policy on moderating comments?  Define transparency.

9) Is it acceptable to pay bloggers or social media types to post information?  Why or Why Not?

10) It's important that a company fully engage in social media to be successful.  Evangelize me, assuming that I know very little about social media, and might even be a little bit hostile to it.  Convince me that I personally should use social media in 2 minutes or less.

The answers for these questions will be varied, and the rightness or wrongness will depend on the client and the background.  If you have your answers, trackback to this blog or let me know and I'll link to them.