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Social Media Forecast: Facebook Skills Finally Will Be In Demand

Facebook For Recruiters: Updated Live Webinar

Kennedy Information is having me host a live Facebook recruiting webinar this Thursday at 12:00 CST.  Those who know me and have been through my training before know this is something to add to your schedule - we cover strategy, sourcing, marketing, branding and integration unlike any other trainer out there.

My background in social media and the fact that I run a desk makes a difference in my training.  I'm you.

So check it out, sign up, and join us for the new, new Facebook training

Facebook is the hottest social network out there, with user demographics spanning generations and regions. It’s a gold mine for recruiters; but for different reasons than you might think.
For recruiters, the real value of Facebook is in its messaging and referral capabilities. This time-saving interactive seminar will highlight the different ways to use Facebook to communicate with and hire top candidates.
Join us on June 25th and find out about:
  • Real-world strategies for setting realistic expectations with candidates
  • Tactics that leverage your current talent pool to help you find, and connect with, new prospects
  • Effective communication approaches that yield higher response rates to initial contact
  • Powerful marketing and branding techniques to attract top candidates and support your employment brand
  • An overview for managers as to when using Facebook is appropriate for employees
Can’t make June 25th? Register now to receive access to the full recorded event following its conclusion and listen to it at your leisure from anywhere with web access!
A Great Value Set up the interactive seminar in a conference room and pay one low fee for as many attendees as you wish.
Registration includes the link to the online event; a PowerPoint presentation a 15-minute Q&A session; and email access to the speaker before, during and after the event.