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Fortune Magazine Talks To The Social Media Headhunter

There's a nice interview today in Fortune Magazine about the future of social media jobs.  Fortune reporter Anne VanderMey does a great job sharing the opinions of different sources about the future of the industy, but the big surprise was her inclusion of our new staff augmentation firm for mid-level social media strategists.

There are several levels of expertise within the social media profession. Most commonly, there's the community manager – the feet on the ground, so to speak, who oversee a company's online communities; the analyst or strategist -- who builds and monitors social media campaigns; the product developer – who is responsible for keeping the company's software up to date; the editor or publisher -- who oversees content and the brand; and the executive -- a rare position, usually filled by a public relations professional...

As the field matures, Durbin and others foresee widespread restructuring. To prepare, Durbin is opening a social media consulting and placement firm designed for mid-career professionals, where he sees the most growth potential.

Sadly, the site is not up. I was going to use the Brandstorming site and logo, but now I'm thinking this would be the perfect time to launch (not yet up).

The most important thing is we've got the financial backing and pedigree to make this happen, and the growth is going to work for a lot of different companies selling and buying social media.  I want to carve out the middle niche and be a supplier of mid-level social media talent.  We've built a unique hiring structure with the help of some recruiting friends, and I intend to maximize our sites in pursuit of the hot talent and the companies that need to hire. 

January 2011.  What could be more exciting?

And read Anne's entire piece. It's well-written and well-researched.