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Job Posting: Marketing Coordinator, Irving TX

I'm hiring a mid-level marketing coordinator in Irving.  This is a full-time position working for one of the Best Places to Work in Dallas, and working under my tutelage and instruction. 

The Position:

Full-scale Marketing.  We're going to tackle:

1) Branding

2) Events

3) Client and Prospect lists

4) Employer branding

5) Website design

6) Social Media and Digital Profiles

7) Digital and Print Collateral

8) Lead generation

9) Video creation

10) Copywriting

You'll be assisting me in doing all of this, and taking on the day-to-day tasks of writing, designing, printing, and report creation.  This is a position for a very hard worker.  You'll need to learn a lot on the fly, be able to work on your own, and have high standards.  


Must Have:

You have to be a good writer.  And not just good, but quick.  This is primarily online writing, but there will be some ad copy occasionally.  But writing is subjective you say?  Then your writing has to be subjectively good to me, since I have to approve it.  The more you write, the better your chances of getting hired.  Writing is a skill set.  You either like it or you don't, and I can't afford to hire someone who isn't used to doing a lot of writing.  

Must Have:

You need experience doing small business or corporate marketing.  I'm looking for someone who wants to make this a career, and knows they like it.  You can't know you'll like it unless you've done it.

Must Have:

You have to be able to work independently.  Don't get me wrong.  I'll be working with you more than you'll want, but I won't be there in the office day in and day out.  You have to be able to do work on your own, without a team of a people.  Some people like that. Some don't.  You have to be able to function on your own 60% of the time.  

Nice To Have:

1) Coding experience in HTML, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, or Photoshop:  I can't do these things, but my company can.  In general, I've found these skills helpful, especially in digital profiles.  It's nice not to have to call a designer to take a logo and add it an page, or have someone troubleshoot a blog.   

2) Print experience:  What's a source file?  Can you get business cards from a pdf?  What's offset printing?  What's the difference between digital prints and the good stuff?  The more you know about managing the process, the better I'll like you.

3) Project experience:  It's not enough to be on a project.  You have to have done it yourself to truly understand it. Most resumes come with name-dropping of big brands to impress recruiters.  I want to know what you actually did.  Resumes written in detail are a big plus, because I will grill you on what you've actually done.  In my other life, I'm the Social Media Headhunter.  Can you explain what you did and why?

 The Company:

The employer is a commercial manufacturer's rep selling industrial equipment. It's not sexy, but you and I do have to make it interesting. I know how to do that, but you're not going to be bragging to your friends about working on a national brand.  

You will be working with good people who take care of their employees, and you'll have a stable position working with an experienced trainer and business marketer.  The job is in Irving, TX, so plan out your traffic route before sending me a resume. 

Why You Should Take The Job

You'll learn more about marketing in a single year than all of your friends combined. You'll have a steady job, with a good company, doing interesting work.  You'll learn about social media, digital profiles, and you'll be on the cutting edge of learning how social media affects B2B companies.  And you get to work with someone interested in being a mentor.  Seriously, that should be a reason to take this position.  Too few people have the opportunity to train under experienced managers.  I did.  You can too. 

How To Apply:

Send resumes to with the subject: Irving.  No more, no less.  Write me a short note, no more than 500 words, on why I should call you and put it in the body of the email.