The Plight Of The Young Worker: 3-5 Years Of The Wrong Experience.
Social Recruiting Versus Recruiting In A Social Company

Social Media Headhunter Now Writing For Social MatchBox

My buddy Bob Neelbauer has been in the online recruiting space for as long as I have. He's out in D.C., running a series of ever more impressive events and companies, now officially called Social Matchbox

I trust Bob instincts, so when he told me that he's writing about technology trends in social media, and that he was interested in me contributing, of course I said yes.  My first effort was on the History of Social Hiring:

Social created mini-celebrities out of anyone who wrote for six months on a topic and stayed with it.  This wasn’t just in business.  Mom blogs, pet blogs, sports blogs, news blogs, and every other topic under the sun had their own mini-celebrities.  Early adoption of blogs, Twitter, and then Facebook (Facebook wasn’t big in that way until after Twitter was) led to a significant advantage in terms of  conference speaking, news mentions, and online buzz.  This was great for the burgeoning class of Social Consultants, but it was a bubble.  Celebrity inside a digital tribe was fun, but it didn’t make you money, and companies quickly found that early success at branding yourself didn’t translate into successful hiring.

The difficulty in finding someone with social business experience was inevitable.  And so was the response.  Internal employees, unable to tap into “experts,” started practicing on their own.  There were a lot of missteps, but internal employees by and large learned how social would impact their business units.  This was more true in some industries and some divisions.  Recruiting and Customer Service learned how to use LinkedIn and Twitter, while Marketing dabbled in Facebook and Sales ignored the wave.  As executives started to pay more attention, more departments joined in, and budgets started to be applied.

Head over and add it to your RSS feed, but as we go on, I'll be interested in talking more about the Dallas Startup Scene there as I do more.