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Social Recruiting Versus Recruiting In A Social Company

I'm working on a training series for a client on social recruiting - how to use social sites to find and connect with candidates.  While building the deck, a flash of inspiration came to me.  Here I was writing out what social recruiting should look like, and it struck me that as new as this is for most companies, it's already old. 

Maybe it's because I've been doing this since 2005, but what is expected today isn't what is needed in the future. 

Social Recruiting is about using LinkedIn, searching and sourcing Facebook and Twitter, using other sites to connect and discover who is doing what (can't share all the secrets), and posting jobs on social websites.  It's about letting marketing and PR and customer service do their thing in the social world, and if there's a social media manager on staff, letting them do their thing.  

Most companies are not there.  

Where we're going, is not social recruiting. We're headed to Social Companies where recruiting is a knowledge collection center about the market, with the knowledge coming from our searches and being funneled back through the organization.  It's having access to the company CRM and the company ERP, so that we can make the company ATS more effective.

It's Enterprise-wide sharing of information.  I touched a little on this when I presenting in Minnesota with Paul DeBettignies and Craig Fisher.  How can recruiters make themselves more influential?  They can Drive Social Through the Corporation.

I need to think more about the concept and get it on paper.  What I really need is some iStockPhoto  clip art of a sprinter being passed by a high speed train.  Companies that get it are the sprinters, and the public is the high speed train.  There are more of them, so they learn faster.