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How To Be A Super Recruiter, Starring LinkedIn [graphic]


You often hear recruiters talking about being advanced social media experts.  If you're hiring, and you dig deeper, it means that they have a LinkedIn profile and understand how search works inside LinkedIn and using XRay or Boolean searches. 

That's not advanced.  That's basic.  That graphic above?  That's advanced.

But one size never fits all, and it's not coming up with new and exciting ways to find untapped candidates that excites us.  It's doing it faster, and with more responses that gets our blood flowing. 

All the fancy social skills in the world don't matter if you're not willing to do the work of building an online brand and practicing your communication skills.  You didn't get good at phone screening reading a script - you did it pounding away through hundreds of calls a week with a hiring manager asking you every two minutes how the search was going. 

The new paradigm isn't social recruiting.  That's going to be replaced with recruiting in a social company in just a few years.  The new paradigm is flexibility and speed. How can you take what you know and apply it faster than your competitors?  Gen X employees are reaching their prime years as the Baby Boomers are retiring.  Gen Y employees, who will make up half of the workforce by 2017, don't have the experience you need.  That means a real talent war is coming for a small pool of people replacing an aging workforce. 

And after them comes a digitally savvy group whose personal social media skills require a new kind of communication.  Social will move from sourcing to communicating (those hiring entry-level college students are already experiencing this). 

Are you ready?  It's not enough to have 500+ contacts anymore.