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How To Get A Job (2012 Edition)

{if anything begs for an infographic, it's this}

Getting a Job in 1995:

In the old days, you typed up a resume and a cover letter and sent it to local companies.  If they liked you, they brought you in and hired you.

Getting a Job in 2012:

You check your email notifications for an alert from a local MeetUp networking group where you take your free MooCards that you got as a Klout perk and connect with people on your LinkedIn mobile app from your iPhone so that when you find see a position posted on Twitter you can get referred through Jobvite from a current employee.  You then check YouTube for employment branding videos from the manager you'll meet with, as well as setting google alerts to let you know if the company is about to be acquired. Prior to meeting in person, you video screen through Skype with a recruiter, then take a series of online behavioral screens to determine culture fit.  By now you've of course uploaded presentations to slideshare to goose the search engine rankings for your name, and removed bad information from your Facebook timeline, as well as adding a few tasteful photos to your Flickr and Instagram accounts of your volunteer work and some kind of exciting vacation trip. After interviewing, you respectfully post good reviews (names withheld of course) on your Tumblr feed for the interviewer to read to make them think you liked them, and when the offer comes, you check Salary.com to make sure you got a fair offer. Finally, you take drug, criminal, education and credit checks, unless the company got the EEOC memo about avoiding general filters that could have a disparate impact on your hiring population.

Did I miss anything?