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How Many Resumes Do You Need To See?

One of the interesting aspects of recruiting is the need of a hiring manager to see multiple resumes.  It makes sense from the hiring manager standpoint - the choice to hire affects them more than you, so it only makes sense for them to pick from a series of pre-screened resumes. 

Or does it?  Are we providing resumes to make hiring managers happy?  To make them trust us more?  Because if so, it's a little strange to create trust by giving someone three or four options instead of just one.  Why don't they trust you? 

The easy answer is that a manager is looking for the right personality fit.  That's a fair answer, sometimes, but it's still based on the same principle.  They don't trust recruiters to screen for personality and skills. 

Is this normal behavior?  Well, yes.  It's common, and therefore normal.  But is there something else going on?  Something, chunky? 

I asked Ivan Durbinovich if he had any insight.