Job Posting: Need A Curious Social/ Digital Manager In Dallas
Blogger, Social Media PR, Consumer Products, New Jersey (updated)

Stop Writing Amazing Job Descriptions

There are currently 1,260 jobs in Dallas with the word "amazing" in them. That's disgraceful. 

To drive the point home - check out the number one job - a sponsored one on Indeed. Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 7.27.42 PM
That's right. You have an amazing opportunity to be a dishwasher for the Cheesecake Factory. Really? Look., I'm not tearing down that company or hard work - I'm saying lazy recruiters with no business writing job descriptions need to stop lying. You're not selling when you write that a job is amazing. You're not fooling anyone when you add exclamation points to every text about a job interview. Fake positivity is fundamentally dishonest, and it cheapens everything else you do. 

So cut the crap. Learn to be honest and write honestly. Talk about steady work, opportunity for advancement, well-run workplaces, and leave the amazing descriptions for the circus.