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You have to sell more, unless you want to work more

I said something shocking in the last worklab. 

Working on a job that was really kicking my ass, I just blurted out - "this is too hard, and you shouldn't be working on it."

Lacey, the community manager, didn't jump in to save me. 

I let the dead air sit for a second. It was okay - that's the purpose of the worklab. You have to run into dead-ends. You have to work to failure so that the students see that it happens to all of us. 

You have to fail. And then you have to keep going. 

But this one was just too hard. I think I could have cracked it given time, but it would take phone calls and referrals and more time.

There was no easy fix to find a SAP VMS IS-Auto candidate, and I wanted to make sure that the students knew that this is normal. 

So this is what I said:

"Maybe it's me. This job is taking too long, and I don't want to work on it. And that's okay. Now, you don't always have that option, but this is a job posted by 14 other agencies. If you did find someone to do this, you could place that person anywhere in a heartbeat. 

And that's a lesson you have to learn. There are some jobs you shouldn't work on. Your real challenge is getting good enough to know when to stop. 

Look - if you find this person, you get a placement. But how long would it take you? 

We're moving into a candidate market - and the number one problem we face is not selling enough in this market. Having a job is not enough. You need a good job, that you can fill, and options on how to sell them. 

That's not easy to talk about. It's nearly impossible if you work inside, but you burn out recruiters when you have them work on impossible to fill reqs. 

And - well - the problem is that you make your money when you find the harder to fill roles. Crap. I really need a graph for this, and I don't want you going back to your bosses and telling them you don't want to work on their jobs. 

But you need to learn what is possible. But that's a rant for another day. Let's move on..."