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August 2017

TalentNet Details

TalentNet is tomorrow!



First things first.

We start at 9:00 a.m.,  at 211 N. Ervay Street, Dallas Tx 75201.

No need to sign in. Just take the elevator to the 11th floor

You are driving downtown. Use Waze to plan it out {Dallas traffic} and realize parking and getting to the building could take up to 15 minutes longer. As a reward, you'll have coffee ready, provided by Ouicruit, a Dallas startup founded by Vahid Behzadi.

There's a great coffee shop in the lobby, organic and green and kombucha and all of that. The Starbucks across the street - well, it will take you 30 minutes to get through that line. Just come drink the coffee upstairs - it's Starbucks catering.   

Now about that parking. There is a list of parking lots that charge $10-$12 for the day at the bottom of the email. 

You don't want to park on the streets, because they tow starting at 4:00 p.m., and it's a 2 hour max. 

So find a parking lot. We're on the corner of Elm and Ervay, in the top middle of this map. 

Consider Googling this and plan your time accordingly.

Downtown parking

Consider taking the DART train. The orange and green lines go to Akard and St Paul Stations, both of which are just two blocks away.  Park and Ride from Plano (orange line) or North Carrolton (green line) takes a little time, but if you've done it, I highly recommend it. $5.00 for a day pass. 

Garages are around - but they run $20 a day or more... Be prepared. 

Lunch is provided and will be served at noon from Swole Foods. Even Jess Von Bank is impressed. You will be too.

The conference ends at 5:15 pm, and we all head over to Woolworths, which is a block away (another reason to take the train!)




Contact Info

Problems? email until tomorrow, or text him at 214-543-5455, and he or one of our helpers will call you immediately.

We'll see you there! 





- 1600 Commerce

- 1810 Jackson

- 1710 jackson

- 2000 Elm

- 350 North St Paul Street