Inbound Marketing Specialist - Colony, TX

A client of mine up by Frisco is looking for someone with a HubSpot Certification to work inside with his team of marketers in the medical device industry. 

If you've been working at an agency with multiple clients, or if you've worked internally and had decent training, this might be for you. Also, if you're traveling too far, and if you live north of 121 between Frisco and Lewisville, you're going to be a happy camper. 

1) You're the button pusher. You can run the campaign and make sure it's optimized to drive leads to medical professionals

2) You may use the word strategy and campaign, but you're self-aware enough to know that a couple of years in PPC or email campaigns is not enough to understand the full marketing stack. 

3) When interviewing, you don't repeat the words A/B Testing or Success Factors because you think they're a magic totem.

What you'll learn.

1) B2B Marketing

2) How to navigate internal marketing structures in a rapidly growing company

3) The joy of not having an hour commute.

If you're interested, send a note to with some indication that you've read this blogpost, and I'll get you in touch with the hiring manager.  

Manager Of Digital Marketing: National Consumer Brand Launch In New Jersey

I'm cross-posting this because this site is the bomb - but I have a hot job to find a digital manager to launch a spirits brand in New Jersey. You need to be less than an hour's drive from Parsippany, and I'll be doing all the vetting, as I've hired 3 of the four current employees. 

This is a well-funded small business about to go national and then international. They've spent tens of millions so far, and it's not like a digital startup.  

Details are here at Digital Marketing Headhunter, but that's not really the exciting part. This is branding, site development, creative team and vendor management, and an excellent eye for visual and copy. You need strategic experience, experience building a team for a national rollout, and you need to be okay with small teams and rapid growth. 

But this will be the big win of your career. If you fit in. Apply by emailing me or contacting me on a social channel. Here's the product. It's just the tip of the iceberg. 


Dallas Needs A B2B Content Manager For Medical Devices

I posted it first over at Digital Marketing Headhunter, which is the new site, but here's a taste of the job.

Backed by a seasoned management team in the dental industry, my client needs someone who understands what motivate medical professionals, with experience in the dental mindset a huge plus. The company fields a great product and their sales and marketing strategy is set.

They need someone to execute and drive the content for webinars, lead generation, and conversion. Primary needs are digital marketing savvy, experience with email and webinars, and the ability to manage remote teams. Our customers are dental practice owners, and we need to determine how to get them to sell our product within their practice.

This is a job for a fast growing company that has the results baked in. There's a playbook from a similar product for orthodontists that make this a compelling sale. So take a look, and send me a note. 

One note - this is a management role - but it's pretty hands on. You spend a lot of your time in meetings, but you're also working mostly alone and have direct access to the CEO. If you've sold a ton of product or services or knocked out leads from webinars, you're the person I'm looking for, but this isn't a director level position for cutting edge digital. It also isn't a role for first time managers or people who are used to a big structure holding them up or holding them back. 


Social Media Editor/Community Manager


Smh_logoA client of mine in the NYC suburbs (north and west of Manhattan/accessible by train) is a 16-year old online community focused on patient information and health care advocacy.  The community grew from blogs and forums into a broader social model that provides original content to patients and their families. 

The community manager would be responsible for content management and digital strategy for member recruitment and retention. You’re working with our volunteers and allies on getting the widest possible audience for good content. You’re managing and guiding our social/digital agency towards content and SEO strategies that hit our key metrics. 

Our current platforms include:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Patient/advocate blogs
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • YouTube channel

What are we missing? What makes sense with our resources? What are our patients currently using and where do they want to find us? How do we leverage the tens of thousands of members and allies to stay relevant and fresh in the minds of our patients? What is the right digital strategy for us, and what resources and regular habits do we need to execute that strategy? 

This position isn’t managing comments or sending emails to bloggers. It takes someone with experience in creating and nurturing a community. You're really functioning as an editor/a conference reporter, and a strategist.  It requires a digital native that understands the fundamental nature of our community, but it's both a digital and social role. You’ll be expected to manage ongoing improvements to site functionality, feature customization, and user-experience. As mentioned, you’ll work with the social agency to help them understand what we need. 


  • Manage recruitment and retention of new membership leveraging content, SEO and new site features
  • Manage relationships with patient members and oversee content from patient bloggers.
  • Communicate organization mission and community benefits to new and existing membership
  • Oversee web posting, writing, managing, editorial direction, design, editorial calendar
  • Schedule and execute social media strategy with site content. 
  • Supervise related work conducted by consultants and agencies (web developer /administrator, graphic designer, publicist, digital agency, UI/UX designer), contract writers, patient bloggers, poets, artists, photographers, videographers
  • Integration and cross-posting between member sites


Background and Competencies:

  • Bachelors degree (minimum)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Experience cultivating and managing online communities 
  • Social media expertise
  • Understand SEO and SEM in relation to branding and conversion
  • Digital native
  • Interest in healthcare policy, politics, patients
  • Able to present to funders and board
  • Willingness to travel


The travel is conferences and other meetings roughly half a dozen times a year. The editing piece means you have know enough about writing to have different voices, and also coach others into how to write. Professional advocacy means you might need to comb through that old Strunk & White copy that's hidden behind the bookcase. 

So - writing, editing, digital strategy, and social planning (there's another community manager who handles the day to day posting on Facebook and Twitter). Where we basically stand is the community is good, the presence is adequate, and we need more. Someone who gets what we're trying to do. Some one who cares about healthcare and understands what we're trying to do. 

Did I mention you can work from home? Mostly.  There's an office, and you'll go in at least once a week (all five days if you want), but as this is an all hours kind of job, you're not required to be in the office all the time. You do need to be within driving distance, and this is a full-time, good-paying job that requires real experience in managing a community and significant talent as a writer/editor. And you have to know social/digital well enough to make me think you get it. 

Drop me a line at jim at social media talent. 




Open Searches And Candidates For Social Media and Digital, September 2015

Dallas: VP Client Relationship for an agency. 

Dallas: Account Manager Digital/Email (agency)

New York: Director, Social Media Display (agency)

Dallas: Director Digital Marketing (SEM, SEO, email, social)

New Jersey: Client has need for National Sales Director in Wine and Spirits Category. 

New Jersey: Also need an operations manager for above. 

If you see me peeking, or calling, this is likely what I'm calling about. 


On the candidate side: 

1) A Senior Security Architect (confidential) (Dallas)

2) B2B Sr Manager, Digital Marketing (Dallas)

3) Digital/Social Sr Manager, Retail, Hospitality, Restaurant (Dallas)

4) Sr Digital Marketing Director ready to be a VP (West Coast)


And of course about 25 Managers and Directors in Social Media willing to consider options, but not in a hurry to move (West Coast, Midwest, Atlantic, Southeast)

Social Media Writer: Addison

A client of mine is looking for a writer who can utilize several voices in responding to fans and customers over social media. This is a permanent position on site. 

You'll have a total of 14 profiles to respond to on Facebook and Twitter, and the occasional blogpost. You'll be meeting with and learning about the company, the profiles, and will need to be good at working with senior executives. 

It's not an executive assistant role. It's a writing role, but you're managing the profiles and pushing the buttons. Occasionally you travel (1-2 times a quarter). Mostly, you're maintaining social profiles to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 


Writing samples. Short form. Lots of them - which is an online account. This is a serious job, so it's posting 3 tweets a day. It's writing. A lot. For multiple profiles. You have to have written for at least one person before professionally. 

Don't have a big social media presence. This kind of writing burns you out. You can't do this and maintain your super awesome 20K instagram account. And you can't make that transition. You'll need to have written for someone else in the recent past on a regular basis. 

It helps if you're smart. 

It also helps if you're ambitious. The last two people with this role both got promoted, one into project management and one into data analytics. 

Please Don't Apply If:

You didn't read the job description. You haven't written for money before. You haven't written to deadline. You're a journalist who wants to make the transition but can't let go of the fact that you're not a reporter anymore. You think social is easy, and you'll pick it up. You're a social media consultant but all you really do is set up profiles. You're way overqualified for a job writing on Facebook and Twitter. This offends you. You want flexible hours. You want to work remotely. You're in another country and don't understand why I can't make my client work with you remotely. You're Hugh Jackman.


Content Editor: SiteCore Experience: Dallas

I'm looking for two roles actually - an intermediate community manager (full-time) who can write like the wind, and a content management editor (contract, 3-6 months) who can you know, edit and publish content management. 

Community Manager Description:

-Day to day community management and content creation on a variety of platforms.
        Perk: You'll learn how to do international development of platforms.  
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...
-Daily contact with customers: (customer service, not just marketing)
-Regular metrics reporting



  • Amazing writing. Not long form - social writing. I know if when I see it. 
  • Experience with direct sales (consumer to consumer or personal marketing)
  • Bachelor's Degree in something related. 

Environment: Tough. Fast-paced. Do you know what that means? You'll write a lot, and be edited, and take a little while to catch your voice. But you'll learn a lot. 

This is a job for a writer, but one who truly enjoys social. The jobs are onsite in Addison. 

To Apply to the Community Manager: Send me two blogposts of less then 500 words, and your resume. 

To Apply to the Content Editor, just show you've done it before and send me sites you've worked on. 

Summer Hiring Season Is Over. Ready For September?

Best year in 15 years for hiring across the board, and as anecdotally reported by recruiters, permanent hires are through the roof, even in the month of June. That should tell industry veterans something. 

Normally, summer months are slower, because so many people are scheduled with vacations and early days off that interviews just take longer. It's also a weirder time, because companies who are hiring feel more pressure to get it done so they can head to the lake. That's certainly been the case this year. But like the winter holidays, those who work hardest in June reap the benefits of July hiring before August falls off the cliff. 

It's just hot in August, and it's a bad month to start for the kinds of jobs I work on. It is great prep time, as hiring in September is pretty much the last viable month if you want production out of someone in 2015. 

That's not just me yapping. An awesome digital salesperson in North Carolina told me to get on the phone and make his hire happen now, because if he started in September, with a month of training, his output for the year would be scraps, versus if he started now, he got the last great month in the year to grab his share of budget. 

In Retail Marketing, it's even more important. You can't hire a digital marketing in the 4th quarter, because they and you are so busy, getting together is nightmarish. 
It's July 17th. If your digital manager left this Spring after their bonus, and you've been searching since then, now is the time to call your recruiter or ramp up your sourcing efforts. September hiring starts day. You have 45 days to get it right. 

Website Designer/Social Designer: Perm Position in Parsippany, NJ

A client of mine in the wine and spirits business needs a designer to work on four websites, as well as graphics and product for a social media manager. 

The position is in Parsippany, NJ - it's not the hardest job in the world, but it's with a company that is trying to do some cool things in the liquor industry. This will be a national brand without a doubt, and you get to be the onsite designer. 


-Modern design portfolio, including mobile, tablets, and multiple browsers

-Adobe Cloud suite

-Fair to intermediate design skills. You don't need to be the visionary, but you do need to be able to make it look better than my father-in-law on Microsoft Paint. 

-Experience with Wordpress. We're interested in transforming a blog on functional spirits into a more robust format

-Experience with social media graphics, infographics, and well, anything graphic. If you can do basic video editing, that's even better. 


The position works with a social media manager in a suburban office of a larger firm. Hours are flexible, but that means you also have to be flexible when there's a need. The CEO travels a lot, and sometimes meetings aren't 9-to-5. 

You're building two sites, editing and third, and will soon create a fourth. You'll also create graphics and manage ID standards for the Social Media Manager. Creativity and input are important as well. Heck, we'll even take some writing ability if you have it (ad copy or longform). 

Most important, you're part of something big. A national brand that will have national exposure, which means more brands, more products, and you're at the start of it. 

Contact SocialMediaHeadhunter @ if you're interested with a portfolio. Position starts within the month. 

Blogger, Social Media PR, Consumer Products, New Jersey (updated)

This is a full-time, onsite position in Parsippany, NJ. 

A client of mine in New Jersey is on a quest to remake the liquor industry, and they need a smart blogger/social PR marketer to lay the groundwork for their PR and Branding campaign.

What I really need is someone smart, curious, a good writer, a good researcher, and at least willing to learn how to push product. You must have a dream of branding a product nationally. And you have to live or commute to Parsippany every day. Your hours are flexible, but you're always on call. No 9-to-5'ers. So if you get a call on Sunday to come in or work on something - the answer is yes. If you decide you don't want to come into the office until 12, that's fine too. As long as the work is done, you're good to go.


The client is a new spirits company that sells primarily through retail wine and spirits stores, which means that your primary job will be branding and content creation. If you have experience pushing product, that would be great, but I'm more concerned with your ability to write to deadline, take direction, and actually be invested in what you do. This isn't just pushing something out through Facebook - it's communicating with audience that will be very interested in the claims you'll make. So while you're at it, being smart would be nice.


Work Environment:

Onsite each day, writing and reading and posting and designing and tracking - you'll have a high visibility position, but you'll also be the first hire, working in the office of a global conglomerate. It's not suit and tie, but it's not shorts and flip flops either.

Personal Qualities:

Chemistry with CEO. Office partner, not a desktop drone.

Experience in the consumer products industry (spirits is best)

Experience working remotely with marketing, pr, and technology

Fast thinker

Note taker

Detailed and organized.

Social media tinkerer

Digital native



Work in tandem with me (My company Brandstorming will be handling the branding and messaging), the PR firm, the CEO, and the lawyers. Develop and maintain a comprehensive social media strategy that defines how social media techniques will be applied to increase visibility and traffic across all platforms.

Define key performance indicators and implement enterprise level measurement, analytics, and reporting methods to gauge success

Explore and identify ways to integrate social media into business strategies and marketing campaigns. Specifically - can you integrate with street teams and event marketers.

Work with body hacking blogs and forums to generate awareness.


Demonstrated experience and a passion for the social technology universe (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, blogs, wikis, RSS, social bookmarking, discussion forums, etc…)

Experience with online monitoring and social listening platforms 

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to work independently and as a member of a team

Ability to work effectively under deadlines and juggle several assignments simultaneously.