SourceCon Podcast: Meet The Speaker Series, Jim Durbin

Jeremy Roberts, the editor of SourceCon, is doing  a series for his speaker at the Spring Sourcecon In Seattle. This is a short podcast talking about my background, my likes, and some of my favorite tools.

The podcast is embedded below, and can be downloaded, and the full script is at the Sourcecon blog

 For those curious, Sourcecon this spring is in Seattle on March 24-25, and I'll be doing a session on how different kinds of recruiters would tackle a job req (contract staffing, exec search, internal, sourcer).


How To Work With A Social Media Recruiter

I've been getting a lot of people sending me notes asking how to employ my services, so I figured that I'd bring this up for those on the candidate side. 

It's not that I don't call clients and tell them about great candidates, it's that you need to be in the $150,000 range and above for a client to consider paying me a fee to shop you around, and even then you need to be a real superstar. And even then, it's not easy. I know several companies where I can call the recruiters and execs, and they'll talk to me, but they just don't use headhunters. 

The final words to this - "it's a hard lesson but a good one."



Unless you're a data scientist. If you're a data scientist, I will make those calls for you. And SEO. If you're in-house SEO, I'll make those calls.


Videoblog: Wait, Aren't You A Recruiter?

There's often confusion as to what I do.  In addition to the normal, what kind of recruiter are you, I get the double whammy of running a marketing firm that also works in the space. 

So with my hair spiked today, I decided to videoblog, the marketing me. 


Hopefully that explains it better. 


And for those curious, yes it is brutal to run two brands (and more), but I learned to break them apart when I started partnering and getting bids to be acquired.  Between the two companies, we have a lot of different ideas, patents, properties, and IP. Right now, we're focused on Social Media Talent, but the others can't be dropped, because their value long-term can't be ignored. 

What To Expect From A Headhunter: Video

Now that I have a fancy office, I figured I'd get into a little bit of video blogging, both for the practice and to see if I could build  a YouTube community.  This is a common topic - how to work with a headhunter, but maybe the message comes across better in video than text.

These were my previous comments in a blog post.  Compare and contrast that to the video.  Takes the edges off, doesn't it?