Social Media Editor/Community Manager


Smh_logoA client of mine in the NYC suburbs (north and west of Manhattan/accessible by train) is a 16-year old online community focused on patient information and health care advocacy.  The community grew from blogs and forums into a broader social model that provides original content to patients and their families. 

The community manager would be responsible for content management and digital strategy for member recruitment and retention. You’re working with our volunteers and allies on getting the widest possible audience for good content. You’re managing and guiding our social/digital agency towards content and SEO strategies that hit our key metrics. 

Our current platforms include:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Patient/advocate blogs
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • YouTube channel

What are we missing? What makes sense with our resources? What are our patients currently using and where do they want to find us? How do we leverage the tens of thousands of members and allies to stay relevant and fresh in the minds of our patients? What is the right digital strategy for us, and what resources and regular habits do we need to execute that strategy? 

This position isn’t managing comments or sending emails to bloggers. It takes someone with experience in creating and nurturing a community. You're really functioning as an editor/a conference reporter, and a strategist.  It requires a digital native that understands the fundamental nature of our community, but it's both a digital and social role. You’ll be expected to manage ongoing improvements to site functionality, feature customization, and user-experience. As mentioned, you’ll work with the social agency to help them understand what we need. 


  • Manage recruitment and retention of new membership leveraging content, SEO and new site features
  • Manage relationships with patient members and oversee content from patient bloggers.
  • Communicate organization mission and community benefits to new and existing membership
  • Oversee web posting, writing, managing, editorial direction, design, editorial calendar
  • Schedule and execute social media strategy with site content. 
  • Supervise related work conducted by consultants and agencies (web developer /administrator, graphic designer, publicist, digital agency, UI/UX designer), contract writers, patient bloggers, poets, artists, photographers, videographers
  • Integration and cross-posting between member sites


Background and Competencies:

  • Bachelors degree (minimum)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Experience cultivating and managing online communities 
  • Social media expertise
  • Understand SEO and SEM in relation to branding and conversion
  • Digital native
  • Interest in healthcare policy, politics, patients
  • Able to present to funders and board
  • Willingness to travel


The travel is conferences and other meetings roughly half a dozen times a year. The editing piece means you have know enough about writing to have different voices, and also coach others into how to write. Professional advocacy means you might need to comb through that old Strunk & White copy that's hidden behind the bookcase. 

So - writing, editing, digital strategy, and social planning (there's another community manager who handles the day to day posting on Facebook and Twitter). Where we basically stand is the community is good, the presence is adequate, and we need more. Someone who gets what we're trying to do. Some one who cares about healthcare and understands what we're trying to do. 

Did I mention you can work from home? Mostly.  There's an office, and you'll go in at least once a week (all five days if you want), but as this is an all hours kind of job, you're not required to be in the office all the time. You do need to be within driving distance, and this is a full-time, good-paying job that requires real experience in managing a community and significant talent as a writer/editor. And you have to know social/digital well enough to make me think you get it. 

Drop me a line at jim at social media talent. 




Blogger, Social Media PR, Consumer Products, New Jersey (updated)

This is a full-time, onsite position in Parsippany, NJ. 

A client of mine in New Jersey is on a quest to remake the liquor industry, and they need a smart blogger/social PR marketer to lay the groundwork for their PR and Branding campaign.

What I really need is someone smart, curious, a good writer, a good researcher, and at least willing to learn how to push product. You must have a dream of branding a product nationally. And you have to live or commute to Parsippany every day. Your hours are flexible, but you're always on call. No 9-to-5'ers. So if you get a call on Sunday to come in or work on something - the answer is yes. If you decide you don't want to come into the office until 12, that's fine too. As long as the work is done, you're good to go.


The client is a new spirits company that sells primarily through retail wine and spirits stores, which means that your primary job will be branding and content creation. If you have experience pushing product, that would be great, but I'm more concerned with your ability to write to deadline, take direction, and actually be invested in what you do. This isn't just pushing something out through Facebook - it's communicating with audience that will be very interested in the claims you'll make. So while you're at it, being smart would be nice.


Work Environment:

Onsite each day, writing and reading and posting and designing and tracking - you'll have a high visibility position, but you'll also be the first hire, working in the office of a global conglomerate. It's not suit and tie, but it's not shorts and flip flops either.

Personal Qualities:

Chemistry with CEO. Office partner, not a desktop drone.

Experience in the consumer products industry (spirits is best)

Experience working remotely with marketing, pr, and technology

Fast thinker

Note taker

Detailed and organized.

Social media tinkerer

Digital native



Work in tandem with me (My company Brandstorming will be handling the branding and messaging), the PR firm, the CEO, and the lawyers. Develop and maintain a comprehensive social media strategy that defines how social media techniques will be applied to increase visibility and traffic across all platforms.

Define key performance indicators and implement enterprise level measurement, analytics, and reporting methods to gauge success

Explore and identify ways to integrate social media into business strategies and marketing campaigns. Specifically - can you integrate with street teams and event marketers.

Work with body hacking blogs and forums to generate awareness.


Demonstrated experience and a passion for the social technology universe (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, blogs, wikis, RSS, social bookmarking, discussion forums, etc…)

Experience with online monitoring and social listening platforms 

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to work independently and as a member of a team

Ability to work effectively under deadlines and juggle several assignments simultaneously.

Job Posting: Need A Curious Social/ Digital Manager In Dallas

A social commerce company in Dallas is looking for a social media manager to step in and deliver content, data, and some life into the social media accounts of the company. This is a junior to mid-level position at the tactical level built for someone to grow, and you’ll be working with/ learning from directors and executives with big brand and digital startup experience.

What we’re looking for is a team player who understands branding, style guides, working with digital natives, PR, social strategy, the limits of technology, and the importance of mobile. We’re looking for someone who understands social is a team sport that includes working with marketing managers, merchants, the advertising agency, PR firms, executives and the customer happiness team, which is a long-winded way of saying that we’re not special snowflakes writing amazing Facebook posts, but rather a part of an integrated team.

Why You Want This Job

Social commerce is hot, and it's about time you learned from someone who actually wants to see you improve. You report directly to the CMO, who is looking for fast-movers, but needs you to learn digital marketing correctly first. 

The Actual Job Duties

Channel Manager - Social Media

That’s the role. Each channel has their own use and strengths. Email covers the database andpush marketing, Advertising handles display and SEM and. PR drives interest to the platform, Merchants curate, while Customer Happiness works with current customers to test their satisfaction, answer questions, and drive relevant information back to the marketing and product teams.

The Social Media Role is the day to day outbound marketing, as well as serving as a brand voice in retail, design, ecommerce, and digital circles. You’ll be listening and reporting too, so need to have an analytic side. You’ll work with a savvy PR firm to provide ideas and support on their publicity efforts, especially with bloggers. Your posts  and content on social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) will  correlate to the needs of the acquisition and conversion campaigns

That means you need to be able to push the buttons to make the machine work, with a change to come up with great messaging or branding creativity that complements the core values and selling proposition. You’ll need to follow the style guide, and work to integrate the social voice into the editorial calendar, which by the way you’ll be managing.

You’ll need to understand the metrics behind what you do. You’ll have a small social promotion budget, and eventually, you might take over the social display budget, but in the beginning, that will be handled out of Advertising with strong input from you.

You need to be able to write. To learn. To speak up, when you’ve done the research to contribute. Exposure to the marketing planning process is greatly desired, but if you don’t have it, we’ll teach you. That’s one of the great benefits. In a startup, you’re going to learn very fast, so if you’re currently stuck doing just one thing, without a view of what it’s important, this may be for you

Here are some bullet points:

  1. -Digital Native

  2. - 2-4 years of experience, or maybe more, but not one year four times.
    - Social Media experience outside of personal accounts or small business.

  3. - You have to be able to define AB Testing the first time I call you after you read this. Just google it if you don’t know.

  4. -Experience with Facebook Ads is good, especially data, Power Editor and audiences.

  5. SEM/SEO experience is nice, as is mobile design. Everyone digital needs a little of this these days.

  6. A BA or BS degree is a minimum requirement

Are you interesting? Are you interested? What are your passions? Do you learn quickly? What makes you say that? Are you interested in marketing? And social media? Why would you say that? Can you tell me what that means? Give an example?

We look for people who have a curiosity in life, and will take that spark anyday over someone who does one thing well.


Digital Strategist: Dallas/Fort Worth - Immediate Interviews

Our client needs a full-time digital native with the mind of Einstein, a silver tongue, and a personality that - well, a personality. The job description falls into that of an account manager variety, which is not sales, but it does have revenue numbers, because you're working with a client to capture more of the their marketing budget. 

Also - being an inbound genius works. Or more specifically, having worked with an inbound genius before, and picking up enough to have real confidence on the job. This is a good learning position, but you have to want to learn. Yes, googling things are okay, but people don't want to even do that these days. 

The job? Digital strategist. I feel like we went over this. Your client has purchased a Marketo or Hubspot or some other lead generation engine, and needs to what, when and how to write, send, and call leads. Some convert online - some convert through sales teams, but they need you to make sure that the engine works the way it's supposed to. This is a very important job, not just for the company, but for you, because this teaches you how people buy and sell, and that's a skill that will make you more employable, both inside and outside companies. 

The firm works with small and medium-sized business. That's not Ford and McDonald's, but it's not Pete's Bait and Tackle shop, unless he has 114 locations. They're not large, but they do have nice offices in Irving and aren't just a guy in the back of a nail salon with a fake accent.  

What does your day look like? 
1) Daily contact with the client, with high energy and good coaching
2) Lots of learning from your peers, on your own, and the boss
3) Good writing and organization skills. Can't talk about what you don't track, and no one crashes and burns faster than someone trying to wing it at a client site. Everyone knows what to do. Excellence comes from actually doing it. 

I'm a friend of theirs, and a recruiter. I'll filter you, because as you know, everyone thinks they can do this job. It's not terrible technical - but you do need a solid base. You need to understand how digital marketing works, and enjoy it. 

Ad Agency / Inbound Lead Generation Digital Account Manager In Las Colinas

Starting on Sunday, I'll be sourcing and calling for two account manager roles in Las Colinas. I need some horsepower on the hood, professional demeanor, and 2-3 years of digital experience. 

This isn't an entry level job - you need some experience, but it's more character than resume. It's a fast-growing firm with great owners who needs someone starting April 1 to work with a client, and a few weeks later a second account manager. 

So - those people don't read this blog, but if you know someone in Dallas who is young but awesome, and needs agency seasoning, this is that role, please send them my way.

I'll add more details later, but the main filter is, are you coachable? Curious? Are you a buzzword bingo employee, or have you done something of substance? If you're light on experience, I'll train you on the interview - with the purpose to evaluate how quickly you learn. 

Actual experience is working with the Hubspot program, email, PPC, SEO. 

SXSW Pre-Party And Open Jobs

I'm in Austin, meeting with some fine folks and preparing for Talent Net Live, where I'll be speaking with Will Thomson tomorrow about the candidate market. 

Right now - I can tell you I have three management jobs and a whole host of contract to hire positions. 


  • Sr Social/Digital Manager (interviews in progress)
  • Director of UI  - (April/May Start)
  • Director of Digital Marketing (April/May Start)

San Jose:

We just got a whole slate of positions in interactive, digital and UI in San Jose. These are a name brand company, looking for junior and intermediate talent. 

-UI Developer

-UI/CX Developer (Yes, I know the difference)

-Interactive Design Lead

-Interactive Producer 

If we run into each other in Austin, say hello, and give me a secret wink. Or slip me a card. 

End Of Year Social Media Positions and Spring Cleaning

It's going to be a rush at the end of the year, as three clients are asking for retained searches, and two old clients are asking for some contingency work. 

I'm hyperfocused on the client who signed the contract and sent the check (that's how it works), but in doing so, I'm making hundreds of calls all across the social media and digital worlds. 

Before I post a fragment of my job posting, let me remind you that Spring is the big hiring time for most digital and ecommerce jobs. If you're in the 100-180k range, in digital marketing, and you're at that two-three year sweet spot, get ahold of me in December. Send a connection, call (I work till 10 CST most nights), or follow me on Twitter and laugh at a joke. 

It's the busy time. Time to get busy. 

Here's my number one focus over the next week. I post it so you can get a taste, a bit of flavor, on the way I recruit:

Social Commerce Director:

Everyone one wants to know the ROI of social, which usually breaks down into asking how much revenue you can generate from Facebook Display Ads and Promoted Twitter Ads. This company wants more. They want to know if social media will be its own revenue channel in the 8 figure range, or if it will simply be a magnifier for other marketing divisions. The company manages a 7 figure spend in social right now, but understands that social ads work closely with social content, customer service, Brand, and PR in a way that traditional PPC does not.

Is that you? Do you understand social media as it’s own creature? Do you parrot that content is King, the same way that engagement and transparency used to be the buzzwords? Because that’s not the job. It’s not a consultant excited about social. It’s someone who has run a team and the gauntlet, and is ready for their next challenge. You want a company to truly commit.  That’s the job.

Look, we get it. Companies say they have a commitment to social, but the dollars and more important the authority is never there. You get mentioned on the quarterly investor calls, but you never get to do anything. Your CMO wants viral video, but then wants it to convert 200,000 visitors into paying customers. Don’t we all, right? Well, here’s a company who is currently doing it, and doing it well. But they need leadership and credibility to move it further. 

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How To Write A Job Posting That Gets Results

A client of mine I did some training for occasionally asks me to do some recruiting for them. It's out of my normal searches, but it's fun to try new things, and so I took on a search and completed it last year. 

It's for CNC Machinists in Connecticut. Well, they need another, and I figured I'd do it again, using my super awesome sourcing skills, but wanted to post a job first. 

This is my job posting. I've found this style is much better than the old way. 

A client of mine is looking for a highly skilled, experienced CNC Machinist.

The job description would bore you, and includes information about safety, and being a team player. So instead, here is the real description.

1) high volume machining prototyping of small and micro parts in milling and turning.
2) MasterCAM 7 for programming, but we also use PartMaker, Solidwords, and Autocad.

We're working in the medical field, so we need close tolerances. Everyone says they do that, but I'll need to know what you think a close tolerance is.

You'll do the basics.
-Program VMC and Lathe
-Run parts
-Load and Unload Fixtures
-Inspect Own Parts / Work
-Make Adjustments
-Change Tools

And we'll pretend that you don't need this brand experience, but the truth is it's a big plus:

Brother VMC, Miyano Lathe, and Tsugami Swiss

Pay is pretty good - you can pick hourly or salary. And the company is a solid group. It's big, but not too big. They're not in danger of running out of money, and they plenty of projects to work on. The bosses understand the industry, have engineering degrees, and try their best to build a team spirit. No one's perfect, but the guy I placed here last year is pretty happy.

Contact me with a resume, and I'll give you more details. This is a first shift position, and you need to be within 60 miles of ________ or used to commuting that distance now.

I'm Looking For A Senior UI Developer In Northern Virginia

Spending a lot of time in Austin, and this came across my desk. High end position working as a Senior UI Developer comfortable interfacing with a server-side Java team.

Update: the position has been filled, but there's a similar one for a team in Northern Virginia. Salary is still good, and it's clear what they're looking for.   

Here's my job desciption: 

My client is looking for a serious developer with deep experience coordinating between a UX team and Agile/Scrum developers. The job is UI, which means deep experience using Javascript to bring the product to life, but this isn’t a front end designer position where you make the pretty pictures and hand them off to the developers to mess up. We’re developing analytic tools in a multi-platform environment, and we’re doing so in a small company underneath a bigger one work environment.  So, benefits, but not too many TPS reports.  

This is a collaborative position where you work with the product manager, take the advice of the UX folks, and work with the architects to make sure they understand that a working product is not the same as a product that delivers a quality UI to customers. 

You’re not going to just do strategy - you’ll be expected to build features and components of server side services, which is why this isn’t a 70k a year design position, but that’s what we keep getting in resumes.  

The Boring Stuff:
- Analyze, design and develop Web based UI capabilities and J2EE server side services in an Agile environment
- Work with product management on detailed requirements and deliver working
features in short iterations
- Write code that is of superior quality, and ensure good test case coverage of the modules.

 Degree: I don’t want to say. Let’s just say that if you can do the work, this won’t matter, and if you can’t, this won’t get you the job. 

Keywords That Are Fun:
- Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS, HTML5, Flash, D3js, SQL, JSON, XML, REST, SOAP, WSDL, Maven
- Java. (not as a programmer, but clearly the description is working with server side developers and the more you know how to do that, the better).
- Familiarity with Application Servers such as JBOSS
- Experience with RDBMS's such as ORACLE, DB2, SQL Server
- Knowledge of XML based technologies


This is a serious position. It's for someone at the top of their game, but still likes to get their hands dirty. It's not a Creative Director job. It's a not front end design job.  It's a get in the middle of the corporate development team and work with everyone beginning to end. The good news is that you're in at the beginning. The bad news is you can't site at your desk listening to Daft Punk and knocking out some clean design that looks awesome.  And, you'll have to work with the UX team, which means they'll want to do stuff that offends the creative mindset, but tests well, in the UX lab.

If that's you, I want to talk to you. It pays well, and it's going to be interesting work.  

Contact me by emailing me at the link at the top right, or calling me at 214-509-7262.

Social Media Marketer In Danville Virginia: Great Opportunity

I'm working on a position for Danville, VA. It's forty minutes north of Greensboro and 90 minutes away from Raleigh-Durham.  But it's awesome. 

This is a retained search, and I'm really trying to manage this correctly.  What I'm looking for is a digital native that has product marketing experience pushing products through stores, a dream of branding a product nationally, and a whole lot of smarts and energy.  And you have to live or commute to Danville every day. 

How to Apply: 
Send a resume to me or connect to me through social. 


AllergEase is a natural allergy supplement in the form of a throat lozenge. Developed by the entrepreneurial founder in 2012, the company reached 1MM in sales in its first year, and is currently available at retail stores across the country (including Walgreens and CVS) as well as direct for sale from the company website. The CEO needs a social media strategist/marketer to drive brand equity to consumers through the use of digital and traditional media channels. Whats needed is a savvy marketer with experience in social media branding, as well as a hard worker who recognizes theyre in a start-up role that requires execution as well as ideas. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Content Creation, Content Distribution, etc...) 

Social medias role is to drive awareness, manage online expectations, and magnify all marketing programs and PR events for the company. A successful strategy will integrate tightly with outsourced PR and Marketing firms, developing a two-way communication system to improve results through information, metrics, and creative execution. A budget is in place to assist the marketer, but budget authority is still run through CEO and CFO. 

Work Environment:
Danville, VA
Onsite each day, working on a strategic level with the CEO, and on a tactical level with remote partners globally. As the company grows, leadership and direction to the salesforce will be crucial to maintaining a commanding social media presence. 

Personal Qualities
Chemistry with CEO. Office partner, not a desktop drone. 
Experience in the consumer products industry
Experience working remotely with marketing, pr, and technology
Fast thinker
Detailed and organized. 
Risk-taker, but only if hard-working and willing to learn from mistakes
Ability to stand up for best ideas 
Social media tinkerer
Digital native


  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive social media strategy that defines how social media marketing techniques will be applied to increase visibility and traffic across all AllergEase brands and products

  • Lead the development of organization-wide social media management standards, policies and rules of engagement for social media

  • Define key performance indicators and implement enterprise level measurement, analytics, and reporting methods to gauge success

  • Explore and identify ways to integrate social media into business strategies and marketing campaigns

  • Apply marketing research and development methods to learn and understand emerging trends and technologies and to communicate this knowledge clearly and concisely

  • Develop, maintain, and market AllergEase blog

  • Create monthly AllergEase newsletter and manage distribution

  • Create AllergEase loyalty program and execute the implementation/integration into our site and systems

  • Requirements:

  • Must be willing to work out of our office in Danville, VA

  • Demonstrated experience and a passion for the social technology universe (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr, blogs, wikis, RSS, social bookmarking, discussion forums, etc…)

  • Experience with online monitoring and measurement platforms including but not limited to Facebook Insights, YouTube Insights, Google Analytics, HootSuite, TweetDeck, and Social Mention.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team

  • Ability to work effectively under deadlines and juggle several assignments simultaneously

  • Experience using:



Salary plus equity position.

Why This Is A Great Opportunity

If you've read this far, and you're interested, make sure you send me a hashtag #smheadhunter in your communication to me.  Consider it a filter that you've passed.  Here's the thing - if you're involved in the startup community, you know it's a crap shoot.  But this isn't a crap shoot. It's a product that already has distribution.  It's already growing, and is on target to hit 2 MM in sales this year (which means your equity has value from day one).  What I don't need is a whiny work/balance agency burnout who will ride the product to success and then quit because Danville is in rural Virginia and not as cool as Austin or DC or San Francisco. If you're rather be poor in a big city than have a success under your belt that gives you the money and freedom to pursue your personal dream in a few years, you won't make it past my personal filter. This is a great opportunity with a successful company.  You'd technically be employee #4, but working in a team that is already over 20 people.  If you can suck it up and move to rural Virginia, you can be a rockstar.  I'd do it myself if I didn't have a mortage and kids and was 10 years younger.  How's that for a recommendation?  

If this isn't the job for you, but you like the no-nonsense approach, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn through the email listed on the sidebar.