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March 08, 2006


Todd Baer

Jim, love the blog. We've been struggling with the issue of ATM's also and find that most of them are waaaaay too complicated for our recruiters to be productive with them. Have you bumped into any that "get it?"

Jim Durbin

I wish that were the case. The advantage of the ATS has a lot more to do with backend office functions than front-end recruiting.com.

I always thought Personic's EZAccess was great - it was fast, you built it yourself, and it was great for recruiting and sales.

But I don't think they make it anymore.

I'll suggest this - find an ATS that doesn't suggest a lot of changes. Make sure it's built on the same platform you currently run. Test it out of the box - and let us know the results.

There are some people at the Recruiting.com site who work for ATS companies. And a site called DubDubs reviews them.


carol larsen

We use SAP for almost all business functions, but don't have the recruiting module - we have 80 locations in 10 western states. Does it make sense to buy and train and use that module, or get an independent ATS system? SAP seems so cumbersome for other functions - I am concerned it would be difficult for location personnel to learn and use it.
Any ideas, or any comments from people who use SAP's ATS system?

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