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February 13, 2007


Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

Never listen to a CSR reading from a script? Amen, brother. I wish that I had a dollar for each time have I been told to re-format my hard drive by so-called tech support reps. Ridiculous. The last time was about two weeks ago by a rep from Sharp when I was having a hardware issue. The guy agreed that it was hardware yet he's telling me to re-format my hard drive. I asked him how that would solve anything other than a software problem. He said that he was just telling me what he had been told to tell people when the problem isn't covered by his manual. Yeesh.

Jim Durbin

It's just seems an epidemic - what crazy CSR manager decided it was a good idea?

We've had that happen - a lot. In fact, some companies plan their whole CSR experience around getting you to unplug, reformat, and relaunch your product.

They can then blame someone else.

Check out this story about Charter cable boxes. http://durbinmedia.com/brandstorming/2007/01/is-charter-pulling-fast-one-in-tech.asp

Plausible Blamability. If there is someone else that can be blamed, it must be their products fault.

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