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May 22, 2007


Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

I think that I read recently (Wall Street Journal?) that there is some talk and perhaps some action about a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for how it has marketed Windows Vista. My recollection is that it was related to labeling of computers in 2006 as being "Vista ready" when they were actually only capable of being upgraded to the stripped down version of Vista, but the Compaq that you temporarily had sure seems like it fell into the same bucket of a computer that talked the talk but wouldn't walk the walk.

Glenn Gutmacher

All you use your PC for is searching and Broadlook Eclipse? That statement's quite a commercial for Donato's company, but I suspect you must use other cool tools. Care to share what else is on your PC?

Jim Durbin


I am running Windows XP, and the Microsoft suite of Office products. I use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Hearts.

I also have firefox loaded, and my wife uses the PC to test websites on IE 7. Honestly, that's it.

All I use the PC for is surfing when I'm not at home, and to use Eclipse. That's what I bought it for. If Eclipse worked on the Mac without Parallels or Bootcamp, I would have bought a Mac laptop.

That was the problem. To run Vista correctly, I needed a $1500-$2000 new laptop. The ones I could have bought cheap at Best Buy had Vista pre-loaded, but didn't have the power to handle Vista.

For a $1500-$2000 laptop, I could have the Mac and run Windows on Virtual PC to run Broadlook. The commercial for Broadlook is that I liked it enough to buy a PC just for its use when my old PC died.

The bad news is that if Broadlook worked on the Mac, I would have bought another Mac.

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