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August 28, 2008


Randy M

Well said, and the fractures in recruiting blogging can be rather bewildering to a newcomer such as myself, who's worn a number of different hiring hats over the years. One thing I want to point out though, is that you can't forget the fact that "talking" isn't always just "talking" -- it's networking. Sure, blogging in and of itself might not be a great strategy to recruit people, but going on industry specific blogs and discussing job searches and candidate hunts on both sides of the fence CAN potentially win you new clients. A recruiter friend of mine who is a Linked In/Facebook fiend has made his last few placements entirety by meeting people in online communities and using them to fill jobs on recruiting marketplaces, Dayak.com in particular. While I admit I haven't had this much luck (although I'm not quite the forum hound he is) I do think that the internet has become the #1 staffing tool, if only because of the broadening spectrum -- I can make placements across the country if I please. I agree that we should keep our eyes on the prize and stay productive, but we need to keep talking -- you never who is looking for work, or looking to hire.

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