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May 17, 2011



Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this tale of fake woe. You certainly landed on your feet:)

I am most fascinated by how the "fake firing" worked out. You did indeed have all the external trappings of how poorly terminations of any kind are handled by companies, how everyone internal tends to react, and the general process of "Go away, take your stuff, and don't steal anything on the way out".

Thank goodness you did not have the emotional load of actually losing a job - I've been there and it can be devastating.

The question in my mind is why people opt for the false perception of security from internal employment over the relative freedom of being a free agent. Most of the internal people I know do not seem happy to have their jobs, but rather are overworked, stressed, and scared to death "something" might happen. Their energy often goes into just trying to stretch it out until that mythical "hallelujah" moment of retirement or the perfect job somewhere else.

I'd add more, but I'm going to bed now, so I can get up at the crack of dawn again tomorrow . . .


Rick Demko

Aww, I'm sorry Jim, at least you hadn't spent months in the space and it sounds like everything will work out for the best, as things tend to do.

I almost feel like sending you a basket of fruit or an edible arrangement to help you feel better :-)

Good entry my friend!

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