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July 20, 2017


Maureen Sharib

As kids we used to participate with our pony club in the local tony hunt club's "point-to-point" in which our (mostly) smaller animals
would have their own events over the amateur steeplechase cross-country course; forestalling mayhem and overall causing everyone
involved to enjoy themselves without anyone getting too seriously injured.

The definition of a "point-to-point" is: (of a route or journey) from one place to the next without stopping or changing; direct.

These are great point-to-point instructions you give to anyone looking for jib hunting advice. The question is - will anyone take
the time - DO THE WORK - to follow them?

Brandon Barber

Good stuff Jim! It's a process and it helps to get real specific on what you want. I get a lot of LinkedIn connection requests and it is helpful if they state in the request what exactly they want with our connection and how I can help.

I will also add they should try to attend as many Meetups, Association events, and free things they can find. There is a lot of information in Dallas at www.careerdfw.org for those local.

Lastly, make sure you have an email signature for every reply with your correspondence (email, phone, and LinkedIn profile link)

Dallas Tech Recruiter

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